Hong Kong Dream Team

Hong Kong Dream Team will be the focus team of this year's Hong Kong International Darts Festival. To become a member of the Dream Team, each member must participate in the qualification examination held by the Asia Darts Association (Hong Kong) to demonstrate their capabilities. Asia Dart Association will also host the 2nd Hong Kong Ranking Qualify Tournament with the purpose of endowing Hong Kong darts players with a publicly recognized ranking. The Elite Team composed of eminent Hong Kong Dream Team members will participate in the Hong Kong International Darts Festival – International Team Invitational Tournament, which will be held on 28 July, and compete against elite darts players from seven Asian countries/regions. All Hong Kong Dream Team members will get the priority to participate in the various tournaments in the Hong Kong International Darts Festival. The Hong Kong Dream Team plays an active role in promoting the Hong Kong International Darts Festival and convey the positive messages of darts to the public by engaging in Press Conference, Roadshows, venue promotions, etc.

Dream Team Qualification:
  1. 1. Hong Kong Elite Team of the 2017 Hong Kong International Darts Festival (4 Males 2 Females)
  2. 2. Have participated and won in tournaments hosted by Asia Darts Association or oversea team selection over the past 6 months. (Tournaments including: 2017 GuangZhou Open, 2017 Malaysia Darts Open, 2018 Taiwan Darts Open, The 14th ADA International Darts Tour) (10 Males 5 Females)
  3. 3. Phoenix Official League 14 – Master & Marksman Division Top Players (2 Males 2 Females)
  4. 4. Recommendations from Hong Kong Darts Association (2 Males 2 Females)
  5. 5. Through Champion Open Qualifier (4 Males 2 Females)
  6. 6. Through nomination and voting from darts players (4 Males 2 Females)
  7. 7. Through Open Selection (4 Males 4 Females)

HKIDF - HK Dream Team Member List

**The list will be announced soon**

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