China is considered to have the most potential dart players that dominate the darts in Asia. Due to insufficient competitions, it is difficult to spot dart players with experience and great potentials. Until recently, the Chinese government and dart companies has started to promote and support darts by providing platforms for local and overseas players to compete and focusing on teaching useful darts techniques in universities.

Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei is well-known with its enthusiastic darts players. Recently, they have not achieved ideal results, however, they have shown massive improvements in this few years. With their passion and team spirit, they won the International Team Challenge in “The 13th International Darts Tour 2017”.


Darts, which was first introduced in Japan, has gained recognition with its rapid development and developed into a professional scene now. Professional darts tournaments are frequently held for different skills of players and more than 30 darts brands and accessories are launched. At the same time, those brands also sponsor Japanese darts players and offer an ideal environment for them to grow and become a future star.


Korea is a fast-developing darts country with the most advanced online and software application on darts development. Started their own professional tour, the number of darts players has been increased and the players has become professional and well-known.


Dart industry in Macau is still in a developing stage, but the popularity for darts is increasing. With the supporting of the government and various big companies, lots of local darts players teamed up and many new faces with great potential players appear. Macau is now focus mainly on the darts development of young players, those young players are also willing to accept any types of challenge without fear. Also, the team spirit of them are well-known in Asia.


Singapore, one of the Four Asian Tigers, embraces similar economic and geographical environment as Hong Kong does. Convenient transportation, high population density and influence of neighboring countries are the main causes that has flourished the market development of darts in Singapore as well as has gradually heightened its darts skill levels. This year, Singapore will send a representative team to participate in the 2nd Hong Kong International Darts Festival - International Team Invitational Tournament for the first time and compete against eminent players from the other seven countries and regions.


Thailand is one of the most competitive countries in Asia, the players in Thailand keen on taking part in the International Darts Competition and achieving great results. One of their most notable results is winning the champion in both International Team Challenge and Super One in “The 10th ADA International Darts Tour 2014”. Their most valuable player Thanawat “Yong” Gaweenuntavong who is the champion of the prestigious Super One event in “The 13th ADA International Darts Tour 2017”, wins this events for twice.

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